Support the Arts by joining PEG Graphics

Don't let the arts die in this fast paced world we live in...

Who among us is committed to the arts? Are the arts a dieing component in our culture? There was a time when the arts were a huge part of our culture and I am here to support what remaining ties we have left to this very important element in our lives.

Where would we be without the arts? Designers have been at the forefront of every aspect of human existence throughout time. Now, at such a crucial point in our evolution, to be denying ourselves the opportunity to advance through the arts is just a travesty and a mockery of our very existence.

The American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA, a national professional association for design, believes designers serve a critical role as communicators, educators and innovators. AIGA sets the national agenda for the role of design in economic, social, political, cultural and creative contexts and acknowledges members work by displaying them on their websites.

It is essential that we support the arts in our communities. PEG hopes to drive this force in our local community, here in Santa Cruz county, by providing art workshops for children, teens and adults, as well as those with special needs. Please stand with PEG to promote this movement toward a better society to live in.

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education, SCCOE, has also committed to developing the arts in education for K-12th grades through county schools, providing local resources for teachers and families.

In conjunction with the Santa Cruz Art League, SCAL, an art gallery, theater, classroom, and gift shop, which encourages and supports a wide range of visual and performing artists, in a welcoming environment which celebrates the arts and makes them accessible to the community, PEG Graphics provides workshops and private lessons in various mediums, combining healing energies of yoga and meditation with artistic rendering.

The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County, CCSC, supports the arts in our community by supporting arts in education and promoting the yearly open studios events throughout the county.

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art, MAH, and History features various exhibits, classes, family activities, tours and events throughout the year.

If you are interested in supporting art programs in your community, please contact PEG Graphics to learn how your contributions may help.

Photo Sea Anemone, Santa Cruz, CA