Healing Through Chakras

Balance is the key to many disciplines (Yoga, nutrition, dance, art, relationships, music…). However any one of these activities would be out of balance without weaving other important subjects into our life. We all know what happens when engaging in too much work and not enough play. Unfortunately, with the development of technology and the increasing use of electronic devices in our world, we have become over dependent on the energy from these devices, thus creating a great deal of imbalance in our personal lives.

With this influence, as well as other negative energies, we have lost touch with our root and the root chakra at the core of our beings. In order to overcome this entanglement we need only refocus our core being. This is acheived by practicing yoga discipline and meditative arts. By working together in small groups, we assist each other in our healing. Practicing Qigong and Yoga asanas enables us to open the Chakras, or energy centers, empowering this force in our life. Through Qigong, Yoga and meditation practice, we will actually move the energy, pushing it toward the higher Chakras, thus liberating our inner being.

This will have a great impact on our physical and emotional health and we will express this through the art of creating mandallas. PEG will take you through a step by step process of creating your personal unique mandalla. 

Schedule of upcoming summer workshops:

There are currently no workshops scheduled. Please check in again, or inquire at PEG Graphics for future workshops.

Photo Sea Anemone, Santa Cruz, CA